Spatial Planning & Infastructure - IAE Summary Report - NPF Submission - April 13, 2017

The Irish Academy of Engineering established a number of Working Groups to prepare a series of complementary Policy Discussion Papers to assist policy makers in both jurisdictions on the island in the ongoing development of spatial planning policy, and to inform decision-making on associated major infrastructure development over the coming decades:
  • Spatial Planning on the island of Ireland – Context and Challenges
  • Dublin – Belfast Economic Corridor
  • Atlantic City Regions - Development and Connectivity
  • Sustainable Transport Infrastructure 2035
  • National Broadband Plan Ireland – Policy Advisory
  • Critical Infrastructure – Adaptation for Climate Change: A Progress Report.
These Policy Discussion Papers were prepared following research and wide ranging discussions with senior executives from the public and private sectors in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. They are available on the Academy’s website, together with all previously completed reports. The Academy’s approach has been to focus its attention on economic and balanced regional development and on the “connectivity” infrastructure - transport and broadband - required to support such development.