IAE Structure

Organisational Structure of the Irish Academy of Engineering

  • The IAE is incorporated as a company with charitable status. It is governed by memorandum and Articles of Association.

  • The Academy is governed by a Council elected by the members. It includes the President (Chairman), President Elect, two Immediate Past Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and a maximum of 14 other Fellows of the IAE. The Council delegates recurring activities to an Executive Committee (max 9 members) and the Council or Executive meet on a monthly basis.

  • The day to day work of the IAE is managed by a Chief Executive and Administrative assistant currently based in 22 Clyde Road.

  • The main work of the Academy is undertaken by Standing Committees that embrace the fields of Engineering reflected in the membership of the IAE. As many as 50 members may be engaged in Standing Committee work in any one year.

  • There are three Regional Branches of the IAE based in Belfast, Cork and Galway with membership ranging from 10 to 20 Fellows. They undertake Regional Studies in areas of special interest.

  • The Academy is funded by members donations and support from Patrons to enable the objectives of the Academy to be realised e.g. promoting engineering knowledge.