Role of the IAE

Role of the Academy

  • Academies are an expert resource available to Governments for information and practical advice on the development and implementation of policies and programmes that underpin socio-economic development.

  • The IAE is an all-island body concerned with issues where the members, based on their wide and diverse experience, can make a unique contribution to economic, social and technological development.

  • In line with National Engineering Academies in developed countries, the role of the IAE is to provide authoritative, unbiased, evidence based advice to Governments, State Agencies, EU Bodies and interested parties on important issues that require technological-economic solutions.

Academy Values

  • Independent and non-representational

  • Input by members on a voluntary basis

  • Committed to imparting information and know-how in the public interest

  • Promotion of leading edge Engineering

  • Enhancing Ireland’s image abroad

Academy Activities

  • Researching priority topics as a basis for informed Reports

  • Disseminating relevant information and experience to assist policy makers and legislators

  • Engaging in dialogue and discussion forums

  • Honouring and encouraging Engineering achievement

  • Promoting the heritage of Irish Engineering

  • Maintaining international links with 35+ national Academies and in the process promoting the modern image of Ireland and keeping abreast of new developments

  • Fostering practical North - South co-operation in Ireland