Manufacturing - The Future of Manufacturing in Ireland - Interim Report - Dec. 12, 2013

The report consists of a summary of papers drawn from fuller working papers, prepared by the Manufacturing Standing Committee, based on extensive consultations with interested stakeholders and reviews of national and international data and statistics. It also draws on the extensive experience and expertise available within the Committee’s members. The working papers may be accessed via this website. Taken in the global context, the Manufacturing Sector in Ireland is facing serious challenges. The trend of decline in manufacturing jobs will continue in the absence of major new initiatives to implement key related policies. The report identifies 9 key policies/strategies that emerged from the study of the major Manufacturing clusters in Ireland. The examination of 7 major industrial clusters leads to the inclusion under each cluster of respective relevant policy/strategy requirements. While many aspects of these policies are being put in place, they need to be concertedly and consistently co-ordinated by all relevant Government Departments and Agencies. The report, through analysis of national and global trends in Manufacturing, identifies the environment within which the future of manufacturing in Ireland must be fostered and encouraged to grow. The recognition that a new, 4th Industrial Revolution is now underway, in the shape of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), must inform our national Manufacturing strategy. The report contains the Academy’s recommendations on how Ireland may best be a successful participant in this revolution.